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What Is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponder is a software program for managing email lists and sending automated(follow-up) messages. You can also send(broadcast) instant, one time email messages. When someone is signed up to an email list, the autoresponder sends messages defined in the autoresponder campaigns. It means the sending of the messages in the future is permission based.
In most of the cases autoresponders use so called double opt-in signup processs. The subscribers gets an email where a certain link needs to be clicked in order to finish the signup process. This is one of the ways to avoid spam.
Over the time, autoresponders became a must-have tools in the email marketing, just consult the best seo company las vegas. Using the autoresponder capabilities in your business in the best way to engage and build relationships with your clients and gain new leads.


Here is how Wikipedia explains autoresponders:

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An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex.
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Why And How To Use An Autoresponder?

Every serious online business, or offline business with online presence, uses email services to communicate with the clients, customers, partners, leads… In order for this part of the business to be more efficient and organized, the best way is to use an autoresponder service. Autoresponders are easy to operate and can be very effective.
Who can benefit from using an autoresponder? A person like blogger, entrepreneur, internet marketer, small business owner…


Autoresponders in general have 2 purposes:
1. to get new subscribers
2. to communicate with the existing subscribers

1. To get new subscribers to your email list you can enter the subscriber details manually(with their permission of course, and this is usually a situation when you get email addresses in a physical way)… Or by using a signup form. The form can be included inside the content on your web pages, or on a separate capture page with a specific purpose to get signups to your list. Most professional autoresponders have the feature to build capture pages and save them into your account.
2. Once you have subscribers to your email list/s you can start building relationships. You can have one or more lists in your autoresponder. Every email list should be targeted to a specific audience. You need to prepare separate email series and one time(broadcast) emails for every list you have.

There are many studies online showing that most of the visitors to your pages with offers will not buy your product/service
the first time they land on your site. Only a small number of buyers are impulse buyers. People are more willing to buy from
someone they know, like and trust. By offering to the visitors to subscribe to your list, you are establishing a communication

Offer some value to your subscribers

Send informational and educational emails. There are different opinions on what the amount of promotional emails is recommended to be sent. The more value you provide, the stronger your relationship with your list becomes. The more your subscribers trust you, the better conversion rate and more sales for you. Sometimes it can take weeks or months for some
person to buy your product or service.


Stand out from the crowd and increase the open rate

Your subscribers are getting many emails every day. They are usually on many email lists. How to get them to open your emails instead of deleting them? How to increase the awareness of your brand? By following the principle above – offering value, sending more educational and informational emails. More value and less advertising is the key. When you do that, your subscribers over time start to know you better. They like and trust you and they open and read your emails. You get better conversion rate and smaller unsubscribe rate.


Email Writing Tips, How To Prepare Your Autoresponder Emails?

autoresponder_email-sign-3d– Use title that is short, clear and descriptive
– Do not explain everything in the email. Email is only a tool to get your subscribers to the main content. When they get
there(usually your web site), you explain the things and deliver the main message.
– Use titles that do not contain spam filters trigger words like: free, guarantee, earn xxx per day, click here, using ALL CAPS, and similar
– Title needs to be related to the email content
– The title and email content should be personal, like you talk to every subscriber personally
– Use targeted keywords related to your niche
– Be creative, use different types(informative, educational, interactive) of content(reports, polls, coupons)

So far we know that using autoresponder as a mailing list manager can improve the communication with your subscribers. When
used correctly, it can help you build a long term sustainable business.

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Feel free to comment and share your opinions and experiences about using auto-responders.

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