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Internet resources for business and fun

About Internet… About What?

About the best internet resources for business and fun.
About getting the BIG PICTURE of the internet.

and then…

How to use these resources in your business and personal life.
How to start and develop an online business.
How to learn and grow, to get inspired, motivated…



You can now see what the main goals of this blog are. There are millions of web sites, millions of places to find what you need. There are billions of pieces of information and it is easier than ever to get in a situation of information overload… But there is a way to avoid that, to get more organized, when you use some tools and resources. On this blog you will find information that will help you to organize and improve you business and personal area.
You can find more about what is internet actually and how it works on this page.

What you will not find on this blog?
On this blog you will not find: aggressive marketing, unethical and deceptive content… also, in addition to this, if you signup to my email list, you will not get a big number of emails with a sales pitch after sales pitch over and over again…

I can write more on the “about” subject, but the better way is to let you take a look, come back again, sign up to the email list, or simply send a message on the “contact page”.