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Quotes related to the subject – Internet To get options to share any quote: image – mouse over; text – select the text you want to share.               The Internet is Just a World Passing Around Notes in a Classroom. – Jon Stewart – […]

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Quotes… Why? Quotes, simply… People like to read them. We all have our favorites. They are concentrated knowledge and wisdom. They help us to remember the main messages of the stories. We can share our thinking, emotions, memories… in a short and memorable way. It is a kind of exercise […]


What Is an Autoresponder? Autoresponder is a software program for managing email lists and sending automated(follow-up) messages. You can also send(broadcast) instant, one time email messages. When someone is signed up to an email list, the autoresponder sends messages defined in the autoresponder campaigns. It means the sending of the […]

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Did you ever regret for clicking the “send” button in your Gmail account… Either because of a “typo” reason, or a wrong recipient choice, you wished you could take your email back? Well, Google now has a tool to fix that. How? So, How To Undo Send In Gmail? Google […]

How To Undo Send In Gmail